GAR laxmi infobahn

The aim of the project was to create a very modern, attractive, representative, but at the same time very functional development sales center in their office in Hyderabad. It contained two parts. The first on the ground floor, where the first client center is located, which is accessible and clients go to get acquainted with the project directly from the construction site. And then the second floor, more spacious, representative and with access to a large terrace. This section is more directive with full office support and a better understanding of project details. The result may be typical, but very pragmatic. Materials and colors are very modest and leave the culprit of the project itself, but at the same time define the new design identity of our customer.

project name: GAR LAXMI INFOBAHN, Sales Centre design
location: Hyderabad, IN
date: 2019

status: under construction
scope: Corporate identity, Interior planning, Interior design

in collaboration with: RSP India

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