Hewlett Packard Enterprise HQ

“common idea = common concept” led us to an absolute concept and maximized coordination between the client, architect, designer, engineers, BIM, smart technologies and green architecture. The goal was to create smart, green concepts for all categories of employees and visitors to the buildings. Masterplan, architecture and interiors are balanced and complemented by lots of greenery for maximum comfort, which is an important well-being factor.

Common areas are in between the building blocks and and connecting the areas and emplooyees. They are planned as socializing spaces with free movement, interaction with cafes, free computing and seating areas. Respecting the latest, hence creating a new international standards. Planing & look of the offices, materials and colors correspond to the new HPE identity and have been sensitively selected with regard to the local context and sustainability.

project name: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) HQ, Office areas
location: Bangalore, IN
date: 2019

scope: Interior planning, Interior Design, Design Management
status: under construction

in collaboration with: RSP India

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