Hotel Devín

As part of the preservation of an important cultural monument, we participated in the interior revitalization of the Devín Hotel in Bratislava. The topic was clear. Maintain, renew and modernize to a small but necessary extent. During our work, we came across fantastic architectural details of this magnificent work, which were part of the architectural manuscript. It was a pleasure to work, we learned a lot and created very good relationships.

project name: Hotel Devín , interior refurbishment
location: Bratislava, SK
date: 2010

status: built
scope: Interior planning , Retrofit Interior design

in collaboration with: Ing. arch. Matúš Janota, Juráni a Toma architekti, Ing. arch. Jana Medľová, Ing. Marek Šebestyén, Ing. arch. Barbora Šafáriková

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