the shape of this mountain villa was determined by the position and shape of the land itself and the client’s requirement of an absolute view of the country. The house has two floors and the layout is straight. Parking is possible on the first floor from which a closed staircase leads directly to the ground floor. This staircase divides the ground floor into two parts. Daily is in the foreground with the best views and a bedroom and bathroom in the back to separate the intimate spaces. The house is extended and at a distance from the land to enhance events and create enough space suitable for frequent parking. Simplicity, clarity, practicality and local context give us the direction we have taken by designing this villa.

project name: The House on the hill_01
location: Trnavá Hora, SK
date: 2020

scope: Architectural design
status: N/A

designed by: Marek Šebestyén
CGI: Pictown

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