House on the hill

Discover the elegance and modern design of this cantilever house on a hill in Slovakia. Perfectly combining architectural innovation with rooftop parking and direct access to the staircase leading to the ground floor, this hilltop home offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from the kitchen area, living room with adjascent balcony and adds tremendous experience value. Bedroom and bathroom are separated by main staircase and for more privacy are positioned at the night house zone, the back side of the house. This structure has a unique, floating design that maximizes living space and minimizes environmental impact.

With an efficient modular design that supports waste reduction and energy efficient features such as natural light. Our design for this modern home is the perfect choice for eco-minded “city refugee” homeowners.

“Enjoy the peace of living on a slope and explore the ultimate in luxury and modern living with this cantilevered hilltop home today!”

project name: House on the hill
location: Slovakia
date: 2020

scope: Architecture and Interior design
status: N/A

designed by: ESTYEN Lab, Marek Šebestyén
CGI: Pictown

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