MAMT Cultural & Heritage Complex

This monumental form is placed at the HEART of the site. The local context of Mahabalipuram and the strong historical importance of the Shore Temples inspired the creation of an ENERGY AXIS through the site. The ENERGY AXIS is guided by the Seven Chakras in Yogic tradition, with the strong symbolism attached to each chakra, providing a template of creation for the functions within the BODY of the monument.

The Chakras guide the visitor or the user through Seven distinct focal  points along the energy axis, beginning at the entrance to the site, symbolized by the Muladhara or the Root and ending at the Sacred or Eternal Space at the end, symbolized by the Sahasrara or the Crown. The Monument itself finds its place in the HEART of the Body, located directly above the Anahata Chakra point on the Energy Axis. Each focal point contains functions and programmes that are near interpretations of the nature of the corresponding Chakra. The Muladhara focal point is the Entrance of the site, and  connects with the outside world, and the visitor will find the visitor information centre, reception and information kiosk at this point. The functions up to the Anahata or the HEART tend to be more active, more social, and more public and culminate at the HEART. The  functions beyond the HEART become more private, more personal and culminate in an area for solitude, peace and meditation, at the Sahasrara, or the Crown node.

project name: MAMT , Heritage & Cultural Complex
location: Mahabalipuram, IN
date: 2020

scope: Architectural Design
status: Design competition

in collaboration with: RSP India
designed by: Marek Šebestyén
parametric design: Hamid Malhooz
CGI: Pictown

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